Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ok a New day, A New State and Since summer vacation has just started it is time to try this again and see if I can't keep at it. At lest it will be something in the day that I can do for myself and I have found a new challenge group that may help me and to give me the opportunity to make this look a bit more fun and showcase some of the other crafty things I like to do. Since my computer is off trying too recover files from my scrapbooking HD that somehow got corrupted I am on Will's PC and so I have none of my photos or creative programs so that will happen another time. But today I will just say that thou life is hading out lots of lemons lately I am trying to make as many lemon bars and tarts and lemonade as I can.... I say I am tired of lemons, HOW about something a little more fun Life. ANYway Life keeps rolling and the fam and I keep bumping.

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